M.D. BRONZE & FREE Glow It On Glove

M.D. BRONZE & FREE Glow It On Glove

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This M.D. EXTREME Pack comes with all 3:

M.D. BRONZE sunless tanner is the best and gives the skin a beautiful bronze finish.  M.D. BRONZE looks great on all skin types and has an Instant bronzer for immediate results and a flawless application every time. 

💛  The best sunless tanner every for all skin types.
💛  May be applied to the face and body.
💛  Used to enhance abs, cover cellulite, varicose veins, stretch marks & more.
💛  Fades evenly, lasts for 4-6 days.

GLOW IT ON GLOVE: The is the highest quality and most durable sunless applicator glove available! Prevent streaks, lines or missed areas.  Makes applying so much easier and faster! 

💛   No Mess, No Streaking
💛   Dries Instantly
💛   So Fast & Easy to Apply
💛   Machine Washable & Reusable!

Apply BBP self-tanning product on mitt or apply on the area of skin, blend evenly in circular motion, repeat and GLOW.

CARE: Machine-wash and Dry after application.  (May be air-dried if desired). 

“The Glow it On Glove is a game changer for everyone who uses body bronzers and/or sunless tanning products”. xoxo Lisa Perna, Body Bronze Products