“ I had been diagnosed with Melanoma October 2008 and was told that I could never tan again. I was devastated. Once I knew that all of the cancer had been removed and given a clean bill of health I started to panic about the fact that I would have to go the rest of my life without a tan. Right away I went on the search for sunless tanning products and was horrified with the results! Not only was it very pricey but the results was orange pimply skin. I was so happy when I came across Body Bronze Products online. My favorite Product is the MD Face. It doesn’t clog my pores and it looks very natural. I spray it on a cloth sponge and apply it to my face, neck and hands. I’ll never use another self tanning product again but Body Bronze! ”
Thank you so much!

“ Dear Stacy & Lisa, Last year we began shooting in places all over the world for the upcoming reality real estate show, A Place in the Sun, and I needed to have a tan that would look great on camera. Not only is my skin fair, but I haven't been in the sun since I was a teenager! I tried your products and they are amazing! They don't turn my skin orange or blotchy and it looks fabulous on the show. I've tried every kind of sunless tanner and you guys really do have the best product I've tried! ”
Danielle Robb
Host & Producer of Reality Show “A Place in the Sun” Los Angeles, CA

“ Dear Stacy, WOW, my tan is unbelievable and I'm so glad you talked me into giving airbrush tanning another chance! After two very bad experiences and looking orange and streaky, I never thought I would try it again. Now, I'm hooked and enjoy telling people my tan is from Body Bronze. As a personal trainer, I promote health and wellness to my clients. All my clients are interested in anti-aging products and love anything that will help them avoid the wrinkles and skin damage. We all know that everyone looks and feels better with a tan. Since my clients started using your products, it is obvious they feel more self-confident and can see the muscle tone they've worked so hard to get.

Thanks for making me a believer and saving me from spending a lot of money in the future on Botox! ”

Liz Leiberman
H3 Body Training Del Mar, CA

“I just ordered this lotion and received it only 2 days later and couldn’t wait to try it and I must say wow! this is sum awesome stuff was very surprised how easy it was to apply and was not streaky at all and the color looks so real I’ve used self tanners in the past none compare to this if u want a real looking tan w out being in the sun 4 long periods of time or use those self tanners that make u look burnt orange I would recommend this to anyone u guys did an amazing job making this product thank u very much!!!!! ”


“ I love the product! No one is orange, and everyone I have sprayed has been super happy! You ladies are amazing! Thanks again for your help! ”

Kerisma Centre for Medical Aesthetics
Dr.Keri Sweeten's Office
Phoenix AZ

“ Hello Stacy, There was no problem with the sample at all, the order is correct. I just want to make sure the Angel kisses is right formula for me and my daughter. We tried the skinny glow from a friend that is now using it and I think that we prefer the Angel kiss but just wanted to make sure before we purchase a large amount.

P.S. This has to be the best airbrush product out there bar none!!! ”


“ Hi Lisa, It's Kris from Lexington, IL. We talked on the phone late November early December, so while we were talking, I told you that I have my own airbrush system, and then you told me about your Airbrush Solution and you sent me a sample of the Olive Juice to try, it is awesome just like you said it would be, I have tried a lot of different brands of Airbrush Solutions, and of course yours is the best. Your lotion is number one with me also, it has a great smell and does dry fast, you did such a great job with developing this product. I swear that your's has got to be Number One on the market and I couldn't be happier with it, and I get SO many complements on where have I been, I am so tan (love it), and have my oldest daughter using it now too, we have a tanning bed in our home, but you told me to have her try your product and she loves it too. Thanks so much, have an awesome day. ”


“ Michigan winters drive many of my patients to tanning beds for color; a dermatologists nightmare. Now we have them use Body Bronze and they look like they winter in Florida without the associated UV damage. ”
Dr. Eric Sieger
Skin & Vein Centers

“ All my patients want the healthy lifestyle look. With Body Bronze sunless tanning lotion, I can finally give them an option to look the way they want, but still proper sun avoidance. ”

Dr. Lee Laris
Phoenix Skin Medical Surgical Group
Phoenix, Arizona

“ Dear Lisa, usually when I write to companies it’s to complain about some aspect of their product or service. In this case, it’s just the opposite. Your product has been a god-send, and I want to thank you for making it available. I suffer from Vitiligo, which robs my skin of its capacity to tan. It’s hard not to feel self conscious during the summer, when everyone else has some kind of color and I look like Casper the Friendly Ghost. I had pretty much resigned myself to experiencing this for the rest of my life when I discovered your product. It’s not like having a “tan” changed my life, but it is amazing how many people started commenting that I looked healthier and better thought I lost weight, etc.

Body Bronze has been easy to use and looks completely natural. It doesn’t irritate my skin or clog my pores. I would be happy to share my experiences with anyone who is interested. ”

Richard Goldberg
Montclair, New Jersey

“ Finally, there is a product that leaves the bronze Caribbean glow we long for in a sunless tanning product. We sent Alison to Phoenix for an application of Body Bronze. Upon her return we stared intently at the newly acquired glow. Our conclusion, it works. Body Bronze will have you looking scrumptious before, during and after dinner. ”

Phoenix, Arizona

“ Body Bronze self-tanner was developed by a dermatologist and Lisa Perna, a skin cancer survivor. Body Bronze provides an alternative to the sun without staining the skin orange or having a bad odor. Bronze your body without the sun! ”

August 2003

“ Dear Lisa: Thank you for being a part of the official Presenter and Performer Gift Baskets for the 3rd Annual Latin Grammy® Awards. All of the feedback from the celebrities and production executives was overwhelmingly positive.

“ Thank you, Lisa they were a big hit! ”

“ Dear Lisa, We are pleased to announce our exciting repertoire for shows and invite you to participate with us once again for the 46th Annual Grammy Awards ®. ”
Jaimsyne Blakely, Lash Fary & Todd West
Los Angeles, CA 90036

ABC CHANNEL 15- Katie Raml Featured Story on Body Bronze Products. Phoenix Arizona September 2003- Katie Raml featured story on Body Bronze Products and founders Lisa Perna & Dr. Lee Laris. The show got such a good response that ABC aired it again in October 2003. ”

“ I recently discovered I had skin cancer and went online and saw this product, Body Bronze, I called up to ask questions and spoke to a very well informed representative for the product. I went online and ordered it and it was at my house in 2 days. I tried the lotion and was amazed at the results. The spray is also good and can be used for a quick retouch all over the body and for the face as well. I have very sensitive skin and it hasn’t bothered me in any way. It also helps conceal stretch marks and/or scars.

All my friends, said wow what a great tan you have, no tan lines, no orangey discolorations, nice even tan. I can’t tell you how much I love the product, it has no smell and it looks real. I have only used it twice since I got it as it lasts up to 4-5 days with each application. I am very pleased with this product, it wasn’t as expensive as people think and a little bit goes a long way. I have to say, it really made my life easer and I will continue to use it, not to mention how nice and responsive the people who are the creators. . Thank you Body Bronze! ”

“ I honestly have to say THANK YOU to the Body Bronze for developing such an incredible product. ”
Lisa Schraer Las Vegas, NV
National Figure Champion
Los Angeles Figure Champion
The BodyRock Figure/ Monica Brant Classic Champion
Nevada State Figure Champion
Las Vegas Classic Figure Champion

“ I have used Body Bronze for a few years now and prior to discovering it just tried about every product on the market. Body Bronze is the only self-tanner/bronzer that I use…and I have recommended it to many of my girlfriends who are now loyal fans of the amazing product. I love the cherry almond smell and how “real” my tan looks. I am a model, and sometimes have to look as if I’ve been basking in the Caribbean sun for weeks, within days at a time. Body Bronze can give me that look, without all of the sun exposure and damage my skin. There is no doubt in my mind that this product will save me from getting skin cancer! ”
Heather Keckler
Miss Arizona USA

“ Dear Lisa, I want to say thank you for sending the Body Bronzer Spray. I have used the Body Bronzer Lotion for that last several years, and have been so happy with the results, that I ordered the spray and I am just as pleased. It leaves my skin soft and glowing and is very long lasting. I like the fact that I do not have to spend time in the sun on a tanning bed to achieve a beautiful tan. Actually no tan is prettier than the tone you get from body bronzer lotion or spray. It is easy to use and spreads evenly on my skin. I also want to take this opportunity to thank you for great customer service. It has been a long time since I have had anyone respond to me in such a timely fashion, correspondence wise as well as delivery.

Lisa thank you once again for putting out such a wonderful product that actually does what it says it will, and then some. ”
Donna Sellers
Richmond, MO

“ Dear Lisa, There are many self tanning products in the market but Body Bronze blows them all away. For years I was skeptical about using self tanning lotions and I continuously tanned and burned my skin in the sun for fear that if I used self tanning lotion it would turn me orange, streaky, blotchy, and make me smell. Body Bronze doesn't do any of these. It is easy to apply, goes onto my skin evenly, and smells good! I see results immediately and the the color dramatically increases within a few hours. The other great thing I love is that you can apply it on your face and it doesn't clog pores or make your face feel greasy. The golden tan and healthy glow Body Bronze gives you is beautiful and lasts for days. ”
Stacy Lofthus,
Del Mar, CA

“ To Whom it May Concern: I am a 38 year old, working mother of two that doesn't have to time read a magazine, much less make appointments for spray tans or sunbeds. On top of all of this, I am an extremely pale redhead and I am very self conscious of exposing any amount of skin because of my lack of color. I have invested hundreds of dollars in products that are supposed to give me the appearance of suntan. Numerous times I have been disappointed by uneven color and an orangish tone. There are literally eight bottles in my cupboard right now that are only partially used. They represent some of the top names in skin care yet they are woefully ineffective.

I am so pleased with the Body Bronze product. It offers one the ability to see what they are applying and a smooth natural tone that doesn't scream "FAKE TAN". It is my go-to product anytime that I am going to be wearing a swimsuit, sundress, shorts or anything that shows anything!! My only complaint is that it is so effective that it will mark your hands during application. This problem is easily solved by using cheap plastic gloves. Body Bronze is a terrific asset to my summer wardrobe. My husband never even knows when I have used it, but almost every time he comments on how great I look! ”
Wendy McCallum,
Denver, CO